30 Hidden Disney Characters In Disney/Pixar Movies

Being a lover of all things Disney, I couldn’t resist dedicating a post to all the hidden characters found in Disney/Pixar movies- enjoy!

1) Pinocchio in Aladdin

2) Scar (from the Lion King) in Hercules

3) The Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) in Aladdin

4) The Magic Carpet (from Aladdin) in The Princess and the Frog

5) Mrs. Pots and her Children (from Beauty and the Beast) in Tarzan

6) Mickey & Goofy in the little Mermaid

7) Sebastian (from the little Mermaid) in Aladdin

8) Linguini (from Cars) in Finding Nemo

9) Lilo (on the shelf) in Treasure Planet

10) Peg (from Lady and the Tramp) in 101 Dalmations

11) Mr. Incredible in Finding Nemo

12) Nemo in Brother Bear

13) Dumbo in Lilo and Stitch

14) The King and the Duke (from Cinderella) in the Little mermaid

15) Walt Disney (portrait) in meet the Robinsons

16) Peg the Lhasa Apso, Jock the Scottish Terrier and Trusty the Bloodhound are all characters from Lady and the Tramp in Oliver and Company

17) Bambi and his mother make a quick cameo in the swamp, just outside of Madame Medusa’s riverboat in The Rescuers

18) Pinocchio in Tangled (hidden up in the rafters above Flynn Rider)

19) Little brother (dog from Mulan) falls out of Professor Porters pockets in Tarzan

20) Buzz (from Toy Story) in Finding Nemo

21) Baloo and Mowgali (Jungle book poster on the banner) in Meet the Robinsons

22) Flick and Heimlich (from Bugs life) in Toy Story


23) The Lamp from Aladdin in the Princess and the Frog

24) Jock (from Lady and the Tramp) in 101 dalmatians during the twilight barking scene

25) Lady and the Tramp also appear in 101 Dalmatians during the twilight barking scene

26) Nemo and Jesse in Monsters inc


27) King Triton in the Princess and the frog

28) Belle in The hunch back of Notre dame

29) Lotso the bear (from Toy Story 3) in Cars 2


Do you know any more? Which one’s have I missed out…


17 thoughts on “30 Hidden Disney Characters In Disney/Pixar Movies

  1. This is all part of the Pixar strategy to reinforce their brand by cross-promoting. It may also be a way the animators entertain themselves. Either way it is interesting to see which characters appear in which Pixar movies.

  2. This is so fun! Not sure if you can go back and edit but that’s Stitch on the shelf not Lilo.

    Thanks so much this is great! 🙂

  3. The rat on Lady and the Tramp is also on Aladdin (scene right before they show Aladdin in the dungeon jail)

  4. I found this page after spotting T-Rex from Toy Story in WALL-E. (He’s hidden behind the bowling pins that are in WALL-E’s stash of random finds.) It was so much fun seeing all the other hidden characters you’ve found. I’ll be on the lookout from now on!

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